Dream Doula Services is pleased to offer:

Birth Pool Eco

Birth Pool in a box 2 photo

This personal birth pool includes a seat, and has been designed for strength and comfort. The unique design of this pool provides room for both you and your support partner if desired.  The double reinforced handles located in three different locations allow you to be comfortable and safe while in the pool.

Placing a pool of water in a birth room changes the atmosphere immediately   Voices get softer, the mother stays calmer and everyone becomes less stressed.  When a woman in labor relaxes in a warm deep bath, with sensory stimulation reduced, her body is less likely to secrete stress-related hormones.  This allows her body to produce the endorphins that complement labor.  A laboring woman who is able to relax physically is able to relax mentally as well.

Some woman choose to labor in the water and get out for delivery; others decide to remain in the water to deliver their babies.

Call for details about adding hydrotherapy to your birth experience!  732-670-8242