What Clients Have to Say

-“I am sure most of you who are reading this are most likely trying to find a doula and also may still be deciding if a doula is worth it. In these stressful economic times every dollar counts and I can whole heartedly say that hiring a doula was one of the best things I have ever spent money on.
If you can spare the cash, spend it and if you can’t, borrow it. Not hiring a doula is completely illogical.
I am a businessman and always evaluate the up side and down side of every transaction and other then the expense there is no downside.
I am speaking of my experience with Suzanne Kelly and therefore cannot attest to all doulas but if they are anything like Suzanne they are worth it. From the moment we interviewed Suzanne she was warm, compassionate, and caring. I do not believe she is a doula for the money; I believe she truly loves what she does and is passionate about.
My wife was not thrilled to have a doula at first, but I know my limitations and I also know that the first time we do anything we tend to make mistakes and learn a lot. I did not want the birth of my first child to be where I learned and made my mistakes.
Suzanne was a sounding board for our decisions, was familiar with hospital procedures, worked well with the hospital staff, got me involved with the birth, and made it possible for my wife to have a drug free natural childbirth as she wanted. Suzanne will be at the birth of the rest of my children if I am fortunate to have more. She was priceless. After my daughter was born I asked my wife if she wanted another and she said yes. I believe that “yes” was due to Suzanne.”

-” You made such a difference at the birth for us both, encouraging me when it all seemed too hard and helped me achieve the birth that has given our little boy the best start in life.  Thanks for sharing this special time with us. I hope our paths cross again.  You are a beautiful person with much to give the world.”

-“I am forever grateful for your kindness and spirit.  Thank you for caring for me through the birth of our daughter. She is a gift. Thank you for reminding me of the love a mother has for a daughter when I was scared.”

-” Dustin and I could not have had a better labor and delivery experience!! Your support, love, and intelligence made chidbirth beautiful and stress free. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

-“Suzanne was amazing! She came over two days before I was to be induced, as it was a very last minute decision for us. My husband and I really had only wanted it to be him and I for the delivery. She was friendly, informative, and put no pressure on my husband and I to use her. She suggested a few ways to try to help me go into labor naturally as I was already a week late. As soon as she left our house we knew we wanted her there for the birth.   I was under the impression doulas were only for all natural births, but Suzanne was completely supportive of my decision to be induced and to get an epidural. She was truly there for ME! Once I was in labor I had horrible lower back pain. Suzanne encouraged me to get up walk and walk around and massaged by back while sitting on a medicine ball. What a relief it was to my pain! As soon as I stood up from the medicine ball my water broke. If it was not for Suzanne I would have been laying in bed the entire time. After the epidural she continued to massage my feet and back. I cannot explain how helpful and relaxing this was to me! She kept the room calm and had lavender oil that not only smelled great, but help me to relax.  Not only was she great for me, but for my husband as well! He tends to panic when I am in pain. It took the pressure off of him and allowed him to be by my side comforting me instead of worrying about how to relieve my pain (as Suzanne had that under control).
During the delivery she was supportive and by my side the entire time, while never getting in the way of my husband’s support. We were both so happy to have her there.  Suzanne made my labor and delivery so much easier. I still tell my husband that I swear she is the reason my labor was not so bad. You can tell the she truly loves being a doula and loves being part of the labor and delivery. I would highly recommend Suzanne & would use her again in a heartbeat! You will not regret your desicion to use her!”

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